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Expected the Worst Hey, guys and gals, get a hold of this one. It shows how we are conditioned to expect the worst.

I had my work phone ring and I thought, Oh no, another customer ringing up with problems. It could not have been further from the truth.

It was Donna. She was the lady who (a couple of years ago when she ordered her first set) was involved with a guy from St Vincent's. He phoned me and gave me a blast, saying she couldn't afford to buy any books.

I told Donna, and the air was blue with expletives describing the man's heritage and family pedigree. “How dare he poke his nose into my business!” she wailed. Well, that's dear Donna.

She phoned to wish me and “all the team” a happy and lovely Christmas. I said, “Donna that is very kind of you. You are the first customer to have done that.” Then listen to this, this is what she said, “I want to thank you for opening up a whole new world for me and my children with your beautiful books.” Hang on to your seats it only gets better: “We are having a quiet Christmas so we can save some more money to order more books from you next year.”

Well, guys, this has just “blown me out of the water.” In all my nearly eight years as a literature evangelist, this is the most beautiful experience I have had. We all know our books change lives and we sometimes take it for granted, but to hear it in such a powerful way is tremendous.

This dear lady did not have a very good start in life, but this proves our books can touch anybody, anywhere, just where they are.

As you are munching on your Christmas turkey (oops Nutmeat), please spare a prayer for dear Donna, sacrificing Christmas to get more books for her children. This is such a powerful story. I know God will richly bless her and I will keep you all posted re the sequel! - Phil Sutton, Eastern Area

Recommended reading: Read the origin of Babylon and Sunday Sabbath and paganism in Christianity to understand why scripture calls the Papal Church Babylon. And then reading why the Sabbath was changed to Sunday will make perfect sense and that Satan was behind the change. What is the beasts number contains fascinating information on 666 originating from Babylon and why this number now relates to a man in the Papal Church. The seven year tribulation reveals how this time period came from an abused prophecy and gives the truth on the second coming. [d-prophecy]